Microsoft 365, your best ally

Our services are focused on helping you maximize the potential of Microsoft 365, a cloud platform that offers innovative Office tools, intelligent services, and high-level security to improve business productivity. We can easily integrate Microsoft solutions into your workspace so you can get the most out of this platform.

It covers all the needs. Let’s start from the base, all companies have the same needs. No matter the volume, it’s like that.

Exchange mail server with 50GB capacity per mailbox / account.

The mail will be in the Microsoft cloud and therefore available anywhere and on any device

It will be in the cloud server, therefore it is impossible to lose the information.

Junk mail (SPAM) zero, no more wasted time and therefore productivity.

Your company will have a common agenda for all employees.

Each email account will have Office in the cloud or installable on computers and/or mobile devices (depending on the selected package), that is, Outlook, Word, Excel, One Note, etc.
Always updated, the latest version, without interruptions of any kind caused by software.

Each account will have 1 TB of capacity to work with the members of your company or share them with our clients and/or collaborators.

You will have Skype for Business to carry out all the audio and video communications you need.

With SharePoint everything in order and in its place, available to only and to those you want.

With Microsoft Teams you can manage all your work teams as you want, according to your needs.

Now that you have it clear, let us take care of the rest.

We will be your technological partner